Diane & Richard

“Top notch and trustworthy financial adviser. He has been an invaluable assistant to my husband and I as we plan and invest for our retirement.”


“He helped me greatly in purchasing a house and in savings strategies in generally.”


“They have worked with myself and several of my clients over the years, helping them establish a financial plan that fits their needs. The feedback I receive from my clients is that they are very professional, hardworking and results oriented. If you are looking for a financial advisor or insurance provider that will help you achieve your financial goals you should definitely give them a call.”

Greg & Anne-Marie

“For the last few years I have been working with Moore Investments & Insurance Group Ltd. to advise me on my financial investments and as a result I have made out quite well, I can highly recommend them. They are very pro-active, suggesting changes in anticipation of market fluctuations and safeguarding my portfolios value! Quite the team!”

Colin & Gina

“He focuses on the issues and provides sound advice to help make the difficult financial decisions of where to invest and how to grow your portfolio. They achieve desired results and demonstrate a strong knowledge of today’s current financial issues. I will continue to employ them to manage our finances.”

What Does Wealth Mean to You?

It’s an important question to ask and one that may have many definitions. One person might define wealth as being able to invest in an education for their children. Another might define it as having disposable income during retirement. What does wealth mean to you and how can we help?

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